Rob Gellner is a Guelph based trumpeter and flugelhorn musician, a composer/arranger and brass teacher active in many different genres of music. 

Rob released his first CD of original jazz compositions in 2015, with his jazz ensemble The Rob Gellner Sextet, titled What If. His musical influences of 50s jazz, big band music, funk, fusion, jazz rock, modern jazz, latin and world music come through in his diverse mix of songs filled with melody and beats that will get your toes tapping and body grooving.   

Rob's musical development began at a preschool age when an upright piano was placed in his bedroom and it wasn't until the age of 14 that he discovered the trumpet.  His first love is jazz however, his versatility finds him in big bands such as KW Big Band Theory and The Basically Basie Big Band, playing funk/blues/r'n'b with Fresh Water Funk and Groove Corporation, doubling in pit orchestras for Royal City Musical Productions Inc. (RCMPI), Kitchener/Waterloo Musical Productions (KWMP), Globe and Drayton musicals on trumpet/trombone/french horn, as well as soloing for churches and other ensembles.  

Rob has recorded with a wide range of groups and artists including Groove Corporation, KW Big Band Theory, bassist Jason Raso and singer Joni NehRita.  


Rob received a Bachelor of Music degree (BMUS) in Honours Composition from Wilfrid Laurier University in 1989. 

Rob is currently (2021-23) working on a double Masters in Professional Media Composition and Orchestration for films, games and television through the University of Chichester, UK. 

Through out his career, he has always worked to furthered his musical training by taking private lessons in composing/arranging with the famous, Grammy award winning, Canadian jazz musician and arranger Rob McConnell. He also attended numerous jazz composition workshops with acclaimed jazz trombonist/educator Dave McMurdo.

Rob always has music on the brain and a recoding device handy to capture song ideas for developing later into catchy jazz tunes. He has always strived for trying different things musically and his first CD of original compositions, titled What If,  is an eclectic mix of many different styles.

Rob has arranged charts for many large and small ensembles including Clefs of Moher, Fresh Water FunkGroove Corporation, the Guelph Youth Jazz Ensemble, the Royal City Big Band and KW Big Band Theory